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Dealfunnel helps B2B sales teams find prospects, build pipeline and grow faster.

PPC 2.0

Leverages proprietary technology to identify, attract and capture highly targeted prospects.

Lead Qualification

Fully customizable algorithms score leads based on potential value and readiness.

Lead Nurturing

Email marketing capabilities to optimize conversions with lead nurturing and outreach email workflows.

Revolutionary Technology

PPC 2.0

Traditional pay-per-click can attract the wrong audience. Dealfunnel has found a better way. It's called PPC 2.0. Your message is placed in-front of thousands of qualified leads, not people who have stumbled into a keyword search - PPC 2.0 removes the risk of attracting unqualified leads.

Highly Effective

Your message is exposed to thousands of market qualified leads. Only people who would be interested in your services see your content.

High ROI

Don’t waste time qualifying prospects who aren’t interested. PPC 2.0 reduces the cost of customer acquisition and boosts ROI.

Target Audience

Get your message in-front of everyone in your target market. Think of it as getting all your potential prospects in a room. 

Two Pronged Approach

Email Builder

Dealfunnel helps you create highly targeted and segmented email lists. It does this using two methods. Firstly, it leverages proprietary technology to identify and collect prospects emails to insert into outreach campaigns. It also partners with large data aggregators to fill in any gaps. Secondly, it uses emails captured from PPC 2.0 as leads convert from your landing page. Using these two combined approaches moves you closer to predictable revenue.

Outbound Campaigns

Build comprehensive email lists of target prospects for your outbound campaigns. No need to wait for prospects to start converting to collect email addresses. 

Nurturing Workflows

Place your leads in segmented email workflows based on their marketing funnel stage. This ensures that leads are seeing valuable and relevant content, helping them to convert.

Share Content

Remain top of mind. Design email campaigns to share content on a constant basis, provide value and convert leads.

All You Need To Build A Winning Lead Generation Strategy Online

Publish Attractive Landing Pages

Get a mobile responsive landing page with key tailored language, color codes and logos.

Unlimited Conversions

Attract qualified leads and potential clients by launching PPC 2.0 and other marketing strategies.

Connect Your Favorite Tools

Automate nurturing and follow up workflows by integrating your favorite marketing and sales apps.

Optimize and Experiment

Leverage a/b testing to increase conversions and market with confidence

Combining Inbound and

Outbound strategies to

grow sales pipelines.

Dealfunnel is your outsourced marketing machine. It’s tech-enabled services builds marketing funnels and landing pages from scratch, tailors them to your brand and messaging, develops and re-purposes content, uses proprietary technology to both drive highly qualified leads and develop segmented email lists, place leads in nurturing workflows – and ultimately, supercharges your sales efforts!

What we can help you achieve

Increase Revenue | Develop Online Presence | Grow Top of Sales Funnel | Drive Qualified Leads | Build Email Nurturing Workflows | Create Valuable Content | Convert Leads 

PPC 2.0
  • Highly targeted
  • Extended audience reach
  • Scalable
  • High click through rate
  • Authoritative positioning
Nurturing Workflows
  • Nurture leads
  • Multiple workflows
  • Sales stage workflows
  • Automated
  • High converting
Email List Builder
  • Auto email list builder
  • Highly segmented
  • Email sequence workflow
  • Value prop messaging
  • High open rates
Landing Pages
  • Logo and branding
  • Form integration
  • Marketing funnels
  • Automated setup
  • High converting

Dealfunnel Integrates With Your Favorite Apps

Dealfunnel seamlessly integrates its lead generation tools and marketing automation to plug into any of your favorite apps via Zapier. This automation and organization ensures you can scale your business effectively.

We had great success with Dealfunnel. We increased market qualified leads by 290% in less than a month. Dealfunnel is vital component of our sales development workflow!

CEO, FinTech SaasIncreased sales leads

We have worked with Dealfunnel for three months and have seen immediate impact. We have significantly increased our pipeline and closed more deals. The reach that Dealfunnel provides is impressive!

President, Software FirmIncreased Sales by 37%

We wanted to increase our platform subscriber rate. We used Dealfunnel to extend our reach nationally. The results were incredible, we experienced massive growth and increased our monthly subscriber revenue by 72%. This occurred over a 5 week period. We highly recommend!

SVP Business Development, Law FirmIncreased platform subscribers by 72%

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